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I love working outside and can’t imagine life without a garden. It’s been my vocation, passion, source of entertainment and comfort since I first put my shovel into the soil 40 years ago.
My horticultural career has morphed through several stages, each one taking me to another level. After studying art in college, I started getting interested in plants when I began collecting houseplants. I quickly got hooked into world of gardening, inside and out. 
Most of my training has been hands on. I got my first gardening job in Maymont Park, a public garden in Richmond, Virginia and later on, landed a position as the head gardener on a private estate in Wilton, Connecticut. After years of honing my skills on the job and getting further training at the New York Botanic Garden, I established my own garden design and maintenance company, which I operated for 25 years, first in Ridgefield, CT. and later in Kent, CT. 
When I moved to upstate New York with my husband in 2003, I reinvented myself as a freelance garden writer. I've had articles published in Fine Gardening, American Gardener, Country Gardens, American Nurseryman, The Upstate Gardeners Journal and Rochester Magazine. Writing about my experiences in gardens I designed and visited spurred me on to develop lectures and teach classes I offered at the Rochester Civic Garden Center, a nonprofit horticultural education center. 
In 2007, I was hired as their executive director. After serving for 10 years, I retired to continue my work as a designer, consultant and lecturer.





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