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Fantastic Fences - Fun And Funky In The Garden
christine froehlich 08/24/2017 Comments
Fantastic Fences - Fun And Funky In The Garden   There's no end to the fun you can have in a garden, and that includes the fences. Here's how Buffalo, NY. gardeners  turn them into works of art.  
One Thing Leads To Another: Artistry In The Garden
Christine Froehlich 07/14/2017 Comments
One Thing Leads To Another: Artistry In The Garden   It's funny how doing one thing in a garden seems to lead to another project. Sometimes the results provide unexpected surprises. Take the arborvitae arch I wrote about in my last post. I would have been content to let it be, but my husband  insisted that we needed a wrought iron gate to complete the look. If you're in to recyling and how to projects, you might like this one.  
From Mistake To Masterpiece: An Easy Plant Fix
Christine Froehlich 06/13/2017 Comments
From Mistake To Masterpiece: An Easy Plant Fix   What can you do when you make planting bloopers like this? I confess that I've made my fair share of them, but this goes down as one of the most embarrassing. The good news is that you can fix problems like this. Read on to find out how I turned my mistake into a masterpiece.   
Planting Fundamentals: Practical Tips For Placing Perennials
Christine Froehlich 05/13/2017 Comments
Planting Fundamentals: Practical Tips For Placing Perennials   When it comes to planting, proper placement is everything. You might have a bunch of great plants, but if you don't have enough of them or they're scattered all about, they won't show up well and you'll have big bare spaces that invite weeds to the party. Get the most bang for your buck from your garden by learning a few simple techniques to increase beauty and reduce maintenance.
Feed Me, I'm Hungry
christine froehlich 04/07/2017 Comments
Feed Me, I'm Hungy   Does your garden need a little help? Start from the ground up by feeding the soil. Quit getting rid of your leaves, spent grasses and other garden debris and use them to nurture your plants.    
I Want The Wow
christinefroehlich 03/09/2017 Comments
I Want The Wow   Achieving the wow factor in your garden isn't just about  the newest up and comers in the plant catalogues. It's what we do with the plants we choose that counts! Check out this weeks post to see how.
Some Like It Dry
Christine Froehlich 02/11/2017 Comments
Some Like It Dry   Every February I look for ways to make next years garden better...and less work! This summer I want to water less. If you want to use plants that can tolerate dryness and do double duty-inside and out, read on.  
Snow Gardening
Christine Froehlich 01/12/2017 Comments
 Snow Gardening   What do gardeners do in the winter other than collect seed catalogues and tend to their indoor plants? Personally, I spend a lot of time looking out the window wishing I had planted more berrying shrubs, conifers and such to keep me entertained. What makes a winter garden a wow? If you want to bump up your garden for winter, try incorporating some of these elements into your garden.  

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