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Patience In A Pot: 7 Ways To Get The Most From Your Plants
Christine Froehlich 04/04/2019 Comments

Don't you hate waiting for plants to get big? Practicing patience in pots helps. By that I mean container gardening - and I'm not just talking about the ornamental factor. In my efforts to have what I want, I've discovered more practical uses for stashing plants in pots. Read on to find out what they kolkwitzia

Gardening On The Other Side Of The World
Christine Froehlich 03/05/2019 Comments

bougainvilleaGardening On The Other Side Of The World

In February, I escaped winter and flew off to the tropics of Vietnam where just about anything grows. I found it fascinating to see how they garden on the other side of the world and wanted to share it. If you're fed up with winter, and want to see bodacious greenery and flowers, read on.

From Dormant To Delightful: How To Force Branches Into Blooms
Christine Froehlich 02/06/2019 Comments

Chomping at the bit to see flowers again? Prune some branches off the flowering shrubs and trees you have in your yard. Just about any deciduous tree or shrub can be coaxed into bloom inside. Here's how to do it.


forced branches

Bump It Up With Gold: 10 Top Plants On The No Kill List
Christine Froehlich 01/18/2019 Comments

Want to add a little bling in your garden? There's nothing like a blast of gold foliage to liven things up. Adding beauty doesn't mean more work - it's all about choosing bulletproof plants that do the job. Check out my 10 favorites.  





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