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When In Doubt, Subtract: Plants That Is!
Christine Froehlich 10/25/2018 Comments

messy planting

It's easy for things to get out of hand in a garden.  Obviously, you have to do something, but  figuring out where to start first is overwhelming. If you're feeling daunted about how to impose law and order on your gardens, read on.


Continuous Containers: Jazzing It Up With Shrubs
Christine Froehlich 09/25/2018 Comments

Continuous Containers


Don't give up on your containers at the end of the summer!  Add shrubs that will provide interesting shape, color and texture to keep you entertained well into winter.

continuous container


Bump It Up With Basil
Christine Froehlich 08/28/2018 Comments

basilBump It Up With Basil

Don't get me wrong, I like basil, but honestly, I think growing Sweet Basil, or Large Leaf Italian (Omimum basilicum) is kind of boring. Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't be without it for cooking, but visually, it's just more green leaves. Check out some varieties I planted that are flavorful, fun and floriforous.

Let It Rip-Unexpected Treats In The Garden
Christine Froehlich 07/20/2018 Comments

There's a lot to be said for leaving things alone. I've become a reformed neatnik - partly from sheer laziness and because I was curious to see what would happen if I relaxed a bit. Read on and find out what happens when you stop interfering so much!poppies

Imperfectly Perfect: How to To Plant On An Impossible Site
Christine Froehlich 06/24/2018 Comments



woodland garden


Tough places to plant? Everyone has them. Don't we all long for rich loam, perfect drainage and just the right amount of sun? Here's an idea to try if you have less than ideal conditions.

Pots With Pizazz : Bump Up Your Containers With Perennials
Christine Froehlich 05/22/2018 Comments

Keeping up with the care of annual containers is a big job. Personally, I can never keep up with them - all that deadheading, feeding and fussing makes me nuts.  Want to try something easier? Plant perennials instead - find out how to put sizzling combinations together that look great past labor day. perennials in containers


It's Out Of Hand! Tips for Keeping Hedges In Check
Christine Froehlich 04/18/2018 Comments

hedge in snow

It seems no matter how often or well you shear a hedge it will slowly expand in height and width over time. When it starts getting out of hand, it's time to bite the bullet and do some hard pruning. 



Bromeliads Anyone? Tempting, Easy To Grow Tropicals
Christine Froehlich 03/26/2018 Comments


Bromeliads thrive in dry shade and hot humid conditions. As houseplants, they're easy to grow and if you happen to live in a tropical climate you can enjoy them in your garden. These colorful gems give you lots of bang for your buck.



From Trash To Treasure: Fantastic Fences And Trellises
Christine Froehlich 02/20/2018 Comments


What if you want fencing in your garden and just can't fit it into your budget?  Don't let a little thing like money stop you. Take a look at some inspring projects that will get you thinking outside the box.




Perennials And Annuals On The Want And Need List For 2018
Christine Froehlich 01/16/2018 Comments


Due to a badly sprained ankle and impossible winter weather, my recent activities have been confined to  the couch. When a bunch of seed catalogues arrived in the mailbox the other day, I was more than ready to indulge in a little plant porn. Read up on perennials and annuals worth trying.




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