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Having planted, nurtured and killed many plants, I guess I’m kind of opinionated about them - my husband has accused me of being a plant snob. I don't think that's really true though, my experiences have just taught me to pick and choose more carefully. I like to experiment with new plants, but I don't mind getting rid of those that aren't flourishing or relocating them if I need to. I am fascinated with flowers, foliage and texture and think of my garden as an art form on a three dimensional canvas.


I love working outside and can’t imagine life without a garden. It’s been my vocation, passion, source of entertainment and comfort since I first put my shovel into the soil 40 years ago.


Like my own garden, the horticultural career I chose has morphed through several stages, each one taking me to another level. After studying art in college, I knew I wanted to do something creative but had no idea what that was. I started getting interested in plants when I began collecting houseplants and got hooked into world of plants, inside and out.


I got my first gardening job in Maymont Park, a public garden in Richmond, Virginia and later on, landed a position as the head gardener on a private estate in Wilton, Connecticut. After years of honing my skills on the job and getting further training, I established my own garden design and maintenance company, which I operated  for 25 years, first in Ridgefield, CT. and later in Kent, CT.


When I moved to upstate New York with my husband in 2003, I reinvented myself as a freelance garden writer. I've had articles published in Fine Gardening, American Gardener, Country Gardens, American Nurseryman, The Upstate Gardeners Journal and Rochester Magazine.


Writing about gardens spurred me on to develop lectures and teach classes which I began offering at the Rochester Civic Garden Center, a nonprofit horticultural education center.  In 2007, I was hired as their executive director, a job that allowed me to continue my work as a garden designer, consultant and lecturer at local events and garden clubs.


I retired from this job this March - now I have a lot more time to so I would have more time to continue my freelance work and pay attention to my own garden! 




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